Let Me Show You The Secret To Building
A Six Figure Income, Writing Just One Email A Day, Without Ever Having To Have Your Own Product, And Starting With No List.

If you can write at a high school level, I will show you how to use The Renegade Email System to put together a simple email that will generate dozens of sales a day in the time it takes to brew a pot of coffee.

No fancy pants copywriting or NLP techniques required.

These simple emails generated me over half a million dollars last year without having to use any sneaky marketing tricks.

  • There are no complicated funnels to set up.
  • There are no up-sells, down-sells, or OTO's
  • You don't need a long and complicated sales-letter.
  • No videos need recording.
  • You don't even have to have your own product.

All you need is to write one email using The Renegade Email System

Even if you are starting right from scratch, I will show you how to build a massive list quickly, and how, even without a list you can get started right away and begin making sales using Facebook groups …

... guaranteed!


From The Desk Of Dan Raine,

The chances are, you and I know each other from way back when Ed and I were running the 30 Day Challenge.

I first met Ed because we had one thing in common, we had both sold our network of sites for millions of dollars and wanted to help others do the same.

Over the years 130,000 people put their trust in us and took part in the Thirty Day Challenge building niche businesses and earning their first $1 online.

Then the world got complicated.


  • Ad prices skyrocketed.
  • You needed a back-end offer or a high-ticket subscription offer to make any kind of money.
  • You had to have complicated marketing systems in-place and expensive websites put together.
  • You needed to navigate Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Social Media.
  • And you couldn’t do it without a team of people to help you.

But deep down I knew it didn't have to be that hard


How A Random Discovery In 2012 Led Me
To Quit Everything, Sell My Businesses, And
Start Over Again.


Back then I had a 10,000 square foot warehouse and I was running an Amazon ecommerce company importing thousands of items from China, I had several little niche info product businesses, and SmoothShot, my camera stabilizer company.

I also had huge overheads and I was working 18-hour days just to keep the balls in the air.

I had had enough, I wanted freedom. I wanted to travel and spend more time with my wife, but I needed a way out.

A Weird Anomaly In An Email List
Led To My Most Valuable Discovery

Over the course of the years, I have sent tens of millions of emails to hundreds of thousands of people, and as best at the technology allowed, I had tracked everything about those emails.

But a certain set of emails stood out.

These emails were performing better than anything else.

They were in a small niche, and they were getting amazing response rates, not just in terms of opens, but in the revenue they brought in. What was happening was simple but incredibly powerful.

Over a couple of months, I took what I had learned from this list and those emails and applied it to a dead list I had abandoned.

I Turned A Dead List Into A List Of Eager Buyers
And Brought In $41k in A Single Month


The list had around 6,000 people on it who had not received an email for over 6 months. The previous best open rate was a shocking 3%, this was why I had called it quits.


In just a couple of weeks using the very same tactics I am going to show you, I turned it around to a 20% open.


But opens count for nothing, it’s all about the money.


In less than a month I got over 40% of people on that list to buy one or more products. I made 41 grand from a dead list.


This was from three separate products, only one was mine, the other two were affiliate products.


That was the start of Renegade Email, and my ticket to get out of dodge.


I sold my businesses and handed the keys back to my landlord. I never looked back.

I Got The Freedom I Wanted, And Since Then I Have Helped
Hundreds Of People Just Like You Do The Same


Over the last 8 years I have refined the process, testing hundreds of new ideas.


I have taught Renegade Email to my consulting clients, and at exclusive training weekends.


I have helped dozens of people who have been broke, and even bankrupt start-from-scratch and build really successful business using Renegade Email.


Here is what just a few of them have to say...

From Homeless And Broke To
$44,000 In Just 105 Days

When Dan started helping me, my business had collapsed, I lost everything including my house, and I was sofa surfing to put a roof over my head.


I didn't want to go back to doing what I had done all my life, so he helped me start again and build a business which after a few months working on it brought in £34,500 (about $44k at the time).


I became a full-time treasure hunter and I traveled all over the world using Renegade Email as my source of income.


Although the pandemic put a stop to the travels and the money I was making running tours, sending daily emails to my list and sharing my adventures still allowed me to make over £80,000 last year.


Robbie The Ex-Plasterer
Chester, UK

$35,000 Without An Email List

I joined Renegade Email in August, and now 6 weeks in I have sold over $35,000 in digital products without having an email list.


I used the same Renegade Email methods and applied it to my Facebook group which has 2,252 subscribers. The response was amazing. I get 4 or 5 sales a day now, before I was lucky if I got 1 a week.


Thanks Dan.


Toronto, Canada


191 Paid Subscribers In The First Two Weeks

I took Renegade Email and used it to launch a newsletter and signed up 191 paid subscribers in the first two weeks.


Now I am two years in, I send daily emails, and have built it up to 2881 subscribers paying $5 each a month.


I still spend most of my time working as a volunteer at a museum and spend about an hour a day writing emails and doing research. This changed my life forever.


Baltimore, USA

I Just Got My First Sale

Just had my first sale from using a P.S. in an email. I went straight for the Binary Duality Sequence on day 10. Really enjoying the course. Thank you!

Now it's about scaling things up.

Caerphilly, United Kingdom

Half A Million In One Week Using
The Renegade Email Trifecta Campaign

I joined the Thirty Day Challenge I think in the second year of it running and used the skills I learned there to build a business with my partner.


But we never really built a list, we just used paid advertising to get people to sign up for our services.


I joined Dan's coaching program because I wanted to build a course to sell which packaged up our skills and allowed us to scale, and I needed to figure out how to build a list fast.


In 7 weeks, I put 22,000 names on a list, all paid for by the sales I was making with the daily nurturing emails, and then I finally launched a trifecta campaign.


I was skeptical at first, but in a week I had made over half a million dollars in sales. I never thought that this kind of income was possible.


I now get sales nearly every day using the Renegade Email process, and three times a year I run a trifecta.


Working with Dan and using The Renegade Email system really changed my life. I hardly take on new face-to-face customers anymore and spend most of my time dreaming up ideas for the next email.


Portland, Oregon



Here Are Some Of The Things You Will Learn

Renegade Email is packed full of straight to the point information. This is everything I have learned and tested over the last 8 years. I am not holding anything back, there is nothing extra you can buy, and I am constantly updating the course with new information.


Here is just a small selection of what it inside.


How to build an email list of loyal fans from scratch that will buy anything and everything you release, and how to get them to actually want to receive email from you.


The secret to emailing your list every single day and building an ever-increasing stream of profits as your list increases, and how this whole process takes less than 30 minutes a day.


The two very different techniques I use in my daily emails to bring in steady daily income, and huge windfalls every four to six weeks.


The conversational story system that makes writing emails simple. If you can write at a basic high school level then that is all you need. You don’t need to be a great writer and don’t have to know a single iota about copywriting to get this working for you.


I will show you three business models that work really well for Renegade Email and how you don't even need your own product to bring in thousands of dollars a month.


How to write daily emails even if you absolutely hate writing. The fact is most people hate writing. All of my consulting clients have hated writing when they started with me, but after a few short days, it turns around and becomes fun. Most of my clients now find that the 30 minutes a day they spend writing is the most enjoyable part of running their business.


You will learn how to generate hundreds of ideas for stories every day even when you are out walking the dog, having dinner, or hanging out with friends at the bar (remember those days), and how to choose what type of story to share, and when.


I will show you how to turn around an old and stale list, into a highly responsive list of buyers in just a few short weeks.


I will show you how I took a dead list of 6,000 addresses which I hadn’t mailed for over 6 months, had an open rate of 3%, into a list with an open rate of 20% in a just a couple of weeks.


And... in less than a month got 40% of that list to buy one of three products from me, generating $41,000 in profit. $41 grand from a dead list.


You will learn my simple and effective rapid bonding technique that will get brand-new subscribers, or old leads to actually want to open and read your emails, and people who are never going to buy from you to leave (this is a very important lesson).


I also want to give you a masterclass on storytelling. Storytelling is this single most important lesson you can learn, because storytelling means you never need to learn copywriting, ever.


In this lesson I will show you how to structure a story you can use throughout the whole Trifecta Campaign (more on that later). What types of stories work best, and I will give you a whole bunch of ideas to run with. I know story telling might sound hard but believe me once you see exactly what I mean, this will be an enjoyable part of the day.


Why you don’t need one-time offersup-sells, or down-sells to make these dozens of sales a day.


The four free writing tools I use to double my productivity and create emails that people want to read.


The sneaky unsubscribe trick that turns list leavers into paying customers.


The Berne Reaction: This is a three-part method I use as part of the Trifecta Campaign to generate excitement and answer any doubts the potential customer might have. This deep psychological technique isn’t taught by any of the guru’s out there, but is one of the most powerful methods you can generate sales. I was taught this by a child psychologist a couple of years ago and have been incorporating it into my Trifecta Campaign ever since.


And where would we be without getting the actual sale. I will show you the ‘Riptide’ order page that I use on most of my products that takes away the need for a long and complicated sales letter, video sales letter, or series of launch videos. This is battle testedhigh converting, works with most products, and you can be up, live, and taking orders in just a couple of hours, even if you have never done this before.


This Renegade Email system can be run in almost any niche whether it is information products, physical products, financial advice, or even if you run a retail store. One of my clients has a physical retail business selling high-end BBQ’s and turns over millions of dollars a year using these Renegade Email techniques.


You will also discover the secret to 'self-funding' list building enabling you to grow your list by thousands of names a day.


Then there is the secret to the magical 'AHA' moment that gives your subscribers a mental breakthrough... and you a sale.


The single most powerful short email that you MUST send first to new subscribers to your list that turns them into long-term subscribers and loyal fans.


Throughout the course I will also be sharing with you dozens of examples of real campaigns, showing you exact emails that have been sent, and sharing with you some of my most profitable emails ever, one of which made $31,000 in the first two hours of sending it with no pre-sale, notifications, VIP, ads, or anything.



How Is This Course Delivered?

I am not a fan of long winded training videos. You know, the one where the marketer spends an hour telling you something that could have been taught in less than 5 minutes.


I promise you I WONT spend an hour or more telling you what you are going to learn in this course.


And I am not going to bore you to death with my history, my family, my pets, holidays, or my collection of scary clowns.


This course is split up into a series of modules, with one or more lessons in. Each lesson is an audio recording so you can put it on your phone and listen when you are walking, driving, or however you prefer.


Each lesson has a transcript, and you don't need to take notes when you are listening because I am also providing you with a series of crib sheets containing all the important elements of the lessons.


By all means you can take as long as you want to consume the course, but if you prefer you can get though it in less than a day and immediately start to put your new skills into practice.


... and I want to make this the best course you have ever taken, so I am going to throw in some pretty valuable bonuses, take a look ...


Bonus #1: The Trifecta Campaign

The Trifecta is an email sequence that I send out every 6 - 8 weeks,  and it generates between $20 And $30 for every email open. Yes, I said email open.


Let me give you an example. My small list of 7,583 emails, that I built up over a couple of years has an average open rate of 27%.


… and the very last Trifecta campaign I ran netted $38,460.


Over the last year these Trifecta campaigns brought in over $300,000 in sales.


Not bad from a business that takes around 30 minutes a day to run.


Think about the Trifecta campaign as your way of getting your customers to pay for a holiday, a car, or other high ticket item. You want to pay for something expensive, then run a Trifecta.


The Trifecta Campaign has one key element, 'the switch', that is so counterintuitive that no-one, and I mean no-one is using it. It is so powerful that it takes any 'on the fence' prospects and turns them into must have buyers exactly half-way through the sequence.


You can use the Trifecta Campaign in just about any niche and I will share with you the exact sequence of emails that I run and will give you live examples of these emails which you can take and use yourself with just a little tweaking.


Bonus #2: My Top Performing Emails

Sometimes, a certain email hits the sweet spot bringing in a huge swathe of sales, and just like trying to 'create' viral content, writing these kind of emails is a hit and miss event. 


Over the last 8 years, I have written a handful of these emails, and have tested them a number of times in different niches with the same results.


You will get access to these top performers, and with a little tweaking for your niche you will have an instant way to pull in thousands of dollars of sales on demand. These alone are worth far more than the cost of this course, and you can use them over and over again.



Bonus #3: The Binary Duality Sequence

Created for a client who couldn't get sales over the holiday season, this two-step email sequence is an advanced masterclass in dark psychology, targeting the readers' emotions, and getting them to buy.


Up until today, I have only ever taught this to two people, and now you get access to one of the most powerful weapons in my arsenal. Turn it on and watch the sales flow in.


Bonus #4: The c3 Renegade List Building System

You will never have to worry about list building again. With the c3 Renegade list building system, I will show you how to add thousands of emails a day to your list and get your competition to pay for them.


This system is so deceptively powerful that your competition will actually thank you for doing this.


Once all copies of Renegade Email have gone, I will never teach this strategy again. So grab this bonus while you can.


Bonus #5: The Story Vault

Over the years I have collected a huge range stories, anecdotes, parables, and fables which you can use to tell stories. Most of these have a point that you can tie directly to most niches.


This Story Vault will save you a huge amount of time when it comes to putting together your daily emails.


If you just need a bit of inspiration or want to grab a complete story to send out to your list then you can head into the Story Vault and grab one.


This is an ever expanding resource and as a member of Renegade Email you will always have access to any new stories that I write or pull in from other sources.



Bonus #6: Live List Building Workshop

Renegade Email is all about email, and mailing your list daily, but I don't want you to worry if you don't have a list at the moment because I am going to show you exactly, with just a few days work, how you can begin to build powerful lists that will buy from you over and over again.


I am going to show you with live list building examples exactly how I build a list, from scratch, and you can follow along and do the same.


I will share with you daily updates and strategies I use to build the list, which you can then implement yourself. To get you started I am also going to show you exactly how to use Facebook groups to build a list of true fans. 

Bonus #7: The Labs

Over the years, I have performed hundreds of different split tests on emails and made many observations about what subject lines get the most opens, what calls to action get the best click through, what is the best way to open an email, etc.

Some of these results will turn what is 'common knowledge' in the marketing world upside down, and each of these tests has been done on audiences with at least 10,000 names.

Inside the Test Labs, I will share with you the results of these tests, so you can implement them immediately in your email.


Bonus #8: Ultimate Exclusive Lifetime Access To My
Private Membership Newsletter
The Raine Report

For over five years, I've been publishing my regular newsletter, The Raine Report, which contains my most advanced and cutting-edge information.


These are my most lucrative and secretive strategies and tactics that I have been personally using over the years to build my business and help my consulting clients.


Containing in-depth articles such as the one big idea which you can take away and build a business around, as well as a killer instant action secret to use immediately to boost your bottom line, it represents my collected thoughts, experiments, practical experience, and get-out-of-Dodge advice delivered in the most concise way that I possibly can with absolutely no flim-flam, waffle, or hype.


I normally charge $27 a month for membership or $147 a year, but I am giving you lifetime access to ALL future newsletters for free.


Bonus #9: You Will Also Get Complete And Instant Access
To ALL Of My Previously Published Editions

Worth thousands of dollars you get access to the most valuable information I have ever published. Here is just a small sample of what is inside:


The 'Dead Cat Bounce' Big Idea
I have been on the bones of my ass three times in my life, and each time I knew no matter how much my confidence took a beating, that I had made my money back twice before, and no matter how dire the situation, I could make good again. From having a $420,000 debt in 2002 I am going to show you exactly how I picked myself up, started again from scratch, and how a dead cat bounce helped along the way! (#27 p. 5)


Laser Target Your Customers Like A Sniper
Discover how I uncover my customer's age, income, gender, occupation, hobbies, education level, the products they buy, and much, much, more just from their email address, then use this killer data to promote the right products, to the right people. (#1 p. 46)


The Triple Stack Profit Booster Method
This is a highly effective technique for creating a quick surge in income, using an easy-to-follow process that can be done in virtually any niche and market. (#11 p. 8)


The Fast Follower Advantage

Discover the system I have been using for nearly 15 years to build new niche businesses with very little risk. You'll be stunned at the simplicity and brilliance of this process that can be used to start from scratch in brand-new markets or build and grow your existing customer base. (#1 p. 7)


The #1 Secret To Uncover Multi-Million Dollar Niches
Rarely do I come across anything, let alone a single tool, that has the potential to make millions of dollars so easily. I am not exaggerating here. What I am going to show you is going to change how you make money forever, and you will see first-hand how simple it is to build a list of hundreds of 'million dollar' niches in just a couple of hours... (#2 p. 58)


Rip Apart Your Competition In 1 Simple Step

Let me show you how to completely tear apart your competition's business, giving you access to all of their closely guarded secrets, and allow you to steal their most profitable campaigns to use immediately, saving your hours of your precious time and money, and letting them do all the hard work for you to swipe... (#2 p. 64)


Starting From Scratch: The Overachiever System

This is possibly one of my most closely guarded secrets, and something I use to take apart any online business to uncover all their dirty little secrets, then use that information to rapidly take over their niche. This strategy will allow you to build a highly successful and profitable business from scratch, with very little risk, and give you massive rewards. (#2 p. 5)


Wowing Your Customers With Dynamic Voodoo

Getting people to take notice of you is hard, but I want to reveal to you a killer way to use a simple and highly effective hack to improve your response rates. I will also provide you with an easy-to-use tool that will have you implementing this kick-ass technique in under 5 minutes. You need to see this in order to believe it! (#2 p. 73)


Discover the Facebook Stepping Stone Method

With nearly three billion users Facebook is the go-to places for ads that can drive a hoard of targeted traffic to your sites. But everyone does them wrong! Let me show you the best way to get laser-targeted ads delivered for the cheapest price possible. No one is doing this right now! (#3 p. 52)


Hypnotic Techniques To Explode Your Conversions

Converting your browsers into buyers can be hard, but I am going to reveal to you two of my sneakiest and highly effective techniques that will help you get more conversions in less time than it takes to say 'Derren Brown'. As well as outlining my two golden tricks I'm also giving you a swipe file of my personal favorites so you can implement them and get started right away! (#3 p. 64)


Supercharge Your Sales In Just 4 Days!

People think it's hard and that it takes time to get a bunch of sales, but in all reality, you can get a swathe of new sales in a very short space of time. Let me show you my super-simple kick-ass method to boost your sales, FAST! This method can be used to devastating effect on new products, existing products, and in any niche or market. (#3 p. 23)


Kick-Ass Competition Research

There's a problem with competition research, people have been focusing on the wrong stats, and they have been missing out on niches and markets that could have made them stacks of cash. Let me show you the new metrics that you should be paying attention to, and how these can help you attack and make money in markets you never thought possible! (#4 p. 42)


The One Simple Phrase That Increased My Sales

Quite often, the devil is in the details, and the smallest changes you can make nearly always give you the biggest (and most surprising!) rewards. Let me show you the quick split test I ran, which increased my sales, and also reduced my refund rates. This is a ridiculously quick test to run, and if you don't do this today, then you're leaving money on the table. (#8 p. 15)


The Billionaire Masterclass: Walt Disney

If you want to set yourself on a path to freedom, where you work the hours you want, go on long vacations when it suits you, and escape from the dreary trudge of a 9 to 5 existence, then you need to take the steps that the true pioneers take. Discover the simple and highly effective ideas you can steal from a master, which will let you take your business to infinity, and beyond! (#9 p. 23)


The Quick Trick To Boost Your Trust Factor

Building up trust is a key factor in getting more sales and more customers, and this is just as true for people delivering digital goods online, as it is with local businesses trying to get people to come through the door. Let me reveal to you the little-known quick trick that will give you a fast boost in your trust, and will take you less than five minutes to implement. (#9 p. 49)


Manipulating The Masses For Profit

I’ve been told by my friends that revealing this to you is a mistake, and that I should keep this locked away behind closed doors - but I totally disagree with them. Today I’m going to reveal to you a marketing technique that I have been using for many years to devastating effect that will condition your lists to quickly respond to your messages, and ultimately increase your sales. (#9 p. 3)


Steal The Secret Of My Success

Back in 2002 I was at a crushingly low point in my life, I was on the bones of my ass, and then something amazing happened that turned me around and has been one of the guiding factors to my success. I am now going to reveal to you exactly what it was that took me from absolute rock bottom, catapulting me forwards to a life of ultimate freedom. (#10 p. 33)


Advanced Triple Stack Profit Booster

I'm going to reveal to you a step-by-step strategy which will let you easily and quickly boost your income and skyrocket your profits. Not only will I detail all the crucial steps for you, I will also share with you one of my entire live campaigns so you can see how this is done in the real world, and I'm also going to show you the sneaky secret tool I personally use to take this to the next level... (#11 p. 24)


The Quick Split Result You Can Use Right Now To Get A 37% Boost In Sales

I've run thousands of different split test, which over the years have added up to a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars, but that have ultimately made me millions in return. I'm going to reveal to you a simple and fast test that I recently ran, which gave me a whopping 37% boost in my sales. This is something you can steal from me and add into your business to get rapid results. (#11 p. 19)


Hitting The Mother Lode

Discover how to target the top small percentage of your customers, who will not only happily pay a higher price, they'll actually go ahead pay an outrageously high price. This strategy can give you enormous profits allowing you to grab a massive cash hoard to grow your main business, or take a bumper pay out to help pay off your mortgage, buy a boat, and sip Mai Tai's on the beach... (#12 p. 46)



Sell To The Caveman

The human brain is a fascinating thing, and over the millennia it's been evolving into the first line of defence, acting primarily as our 'bullshit detector' to stop us getting fleeced. Let me show you the secret techniques to bypassing that ever present gatekeeper, helping you sell your products more easily, and massively increasing your income in a snap. (#13 p. 26)


42%+ Instant Profit Boost

What if I showed you a way to instantly double your income by making one simple change that would have an immediate impact and get more sales? That is exactly what I'm going to do, and not only do I explain why this single change can help any business in any niche or market, I'm also giving you a killer download so that you can implement this TODAY! (#14 p. 56)


Follow A Live Campaign And Learn How To Sell Without Selling

You are about to learn a strategy that will help you sell more of your products, but with a twist... The twist is that this strategy doesn't actually focus on your product at all. Now I know, that sounds a little insane, and not only will I tell you how to do this, I'm also going to give you total unrestricted access to one of my live campaigns to see exactly how it's done. (#15 p. 70)


How To Easily Turn Browsers Into Buyers

I see many people making the same mistake online every single day, and the worse thing is that this mistake is killing their conversions dead and costing them sales that can easily be had. I'm going to reveal to you the one quick question that you need to be able to answer that will help you skyrocket your sales and turn those browsers into avid buyers, FAST! (#17 p. 29)


Magnitude Of Bullshit

People make snap decisions every single day using reasons that you probably don't ever consider, and if you can identify these things then you'll find that you'll not only be able to position yourself as the go-to guy or gal, but people will want to hand over their money to you. Find out how to identify these crucial things, and how wading through a magnitude of bullshit can help you! (#17 p. 40)


Do You Know Where The Passion Is?

Passionate people are the goldmine. If someone is passionate about something then they will do almost anything for it, and more importantly they will happily pay almost anything for it. Discover the hidden secrets of tapping directly into people's inner most passions, and then using this to build lifetime customers who will happily give you money over, and over again... (#19 p. 43)


Uncover The Secret Of Positioning

Combine the power of 'The Big Idea’ and these two, little used, positioning techniques to gain a huge advantage over even well-established authorities in your niche. I have used these techniques to build huge businesses both for myself and my clients. (#28 p.5)


Fixing The Fundamentals

How one small and simple change helped grow a list from a few thousand names to nearly 25,000 in less than six months without spending a dime on advertising. (#30 p. 7)


This was just a small sampling of what is inside The Raine Report which you get for free.



What Is All Of This Going To Cost Me?

My weekend training workshops cost $6,000 to attend, and you have to fly here and meet me in sunny Manchester, UK. 


I run a couple of these workshops a year, and will be kicking them off again when this pandemic is over and it is safe to do so. If you would prefer to wait for one of these then it is likely to be around November when I start again. But these sell out fast and I already have a waiting list.


But, you can join my online workshop which contains the exact same training I teach at the weekend events but is in a concise, direct to the point fashion.


The entire course right now is only $299 which is a massive saving of $5,701 and you don't have to pay airfare and hotel fees. There is also a two payment option of $160 each.


This is the third iteration of Renegade Email and I believe it is the best training I have ever released. So much so that...


I So Strongly Believe In The Power Of Renegade Email That I
Want To Offer You The Best Guarantee I Possibly Can

I have devoted over 8 years to testing ideas, strategies, and emails, putting together the most powerful and valuable training I have ever created. I have taught this to my consulting clients and helped hundreds of people create brand-new businesses from scratch using the Renegade Email principles.


So, I obviously want you to get absolute maximum value from this course. But I also want to promise you that if at any time in the next two years you feel that this course is not for you, then all you need to do is let me know and I will refund 100% of your money, no hard feelings.


But... I want to go further than that...


Because I feel the information in this course is so valuable and life-changing, that if after twelve months of putting Renegade Email into practice you have not received 100x the money you paid for it (let us just call it $30k) then I will give you double your money back and work one-on-one with you until I get you to that result.


I appreciate you putting your trust in me and that is why I want to offer you this 100% success guarantee.

Are You Ready To Sign Up?

Renegade Email is available right now and you will get immediate access to the membership site and be able to start the training right away. I am also going to be running several Q&A sessions inside the members area over the next couple of weeks where you can ask me anything about this course... and I am always around to help out with any questions you might have.